Time for a healthy makeover?

Who doesn’t love a makeover? We make time to pamper ourselves several times a year – be it at the hairdresser or the beautician for facials, massage, pedicure and manicures. But what about giving yourself a personal makeover – working from the inside out – using good eating habits and exercise for optimum health and wellbeing.

What are the tell tale sign that you need a health makeover?

Ask yourself these questions:

Do I feel tired or lethargic?

Do I have low  energy levels?

Do I suffer with constipation?

Do I suffer bloating or indigestion?

Do I have poor concentration or memory?

Do I have difficulty sleeping?

Do I feel low or depressed?

Do I often crave something chocolate, sweet foods, bread or pasta?

Do I need tea, coffee,  cigarette or something sweet to get me going in the morning?

Do I find I harder to lose weight ?


It doesn’t have to be complicated.

3 main rules:

Right diet

Some simple tweaks to your existing dietary habits can have great results. It’s about creating healthier eating habits and making better food choices


“Nothing causes more damage to the body than long physical inactivity” Aristotle

We sometimes get into a vicious circle – I’m too tired to exercise. But, exercise gives us energy so if we don’t exercise we won’t feel energised.


Do it!

You have the right intensions but you procrastinate.

I will start tomorrow, Monday, next week, next month….

Sound familiar?

You need to schedule yourself into your calendar and start putting yourself first.

“The key is not to prioritise what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities” Stephen Covey


Why not take the first step and book a COMPLIMENTARY Health Assessment.


No obligation! What have you got to lose?!


Yours in good health