We’ve reached the end of another year. It’s time to unwind, let our hair down, and spend time with family and friends. Your mind shifts into holiday gear and your routine disappears.

For many of us, the biggest day of the holiday season is Christmas, and after all the presents are opened, the day’s main event usually involves food.

Did you know Christmas dinner usually contains over 7,000 calories? Between the wine, mixed nuts, multiple helpings of meat and sides, mince pies, cheese, and alcohol, the eating and drinking done during Christmas Day alone is said to add up to more than 7,000 calories per person!

My festive words of wisdom to you is to practice mindfulness, portion control and moderation,

Eat intuitively: try to listen to your hunger and fullness.

Choose smaller plates, as these are associated with reduced food intake compared to larger plates.

Put a smaller variety of foods on your (smaller) plate – and don’t go back for seconds.

Avoid soft drinks and excessive alcohol every day. When you do drink alcohol, drink water in between each alcoholic drink.

It’s fine to indulge every now and then. Just don’t indulge every other day of the holidays too.

And then we embark on a New Year…

Why not consider starting this new year on a positive note and practicing a new healthy habit.

Take the first step and book your nutrition and health coaching session 

Avoid making new year resolutions that you know are unrealistic.

Most importantly, remind yourself of all the blessings and good things you’ve achieved in 2018.

I came across the “note in a jar” recently – what a fantastic idea! I had to share this with you and hope you might feel inspired to use this idea.

Wishing you and yours a happy & healthy festive season.

May 2018 be a positive year


Warm, festive wishes