Hands up if you’ve been on a diet. So what is it about diets that work or don’t work? There are so many “diets” out there, and deciding which one will work for you can be confusing. You may have tried and tested some in the past or have friends and family who swear by a specific diet.

For me, “diet” used as above is a nasty 4 letter word. We need to look at diet as the way we nourish our body, not deprive or restrict it.  We all have different needs from our diet. In addition, we may be challenged with ailments, diseases, medical conditions, dietary restrictions (intolerances and allergies) etc. Realistically, there isn’t a “one diet fits all”.

So what is the solution?

5 healthy dietary lifestyle tips:

1) Avoid skipping meals – your body needs food (fuel) to function. You cannot run your car without petrol!

2) Listen to your hunger signals – your body lets you know when it’s hungry but avoid allowing yourself to get very hungry – that’s when your blood sugar levels drop.

3) Keep a food & beverage journal – this will help you become more mindful of your dietary habits

4) Portion control – we often eat more than our body needs

5) Moderation – Pratise the 80/20 rule. 80% of the time you follow a healthy dietary lifestyle and 20% of the time allow yourself some less healthy indulgences. We are human after all.

It’s not easy making and breaking habits. Join Healthy Habits Facebook page. Support, motivation and accountability are key to achieving a healthier dietary lifestyle. Doing it alone can also be hard.

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Yours in good health