How is everyone doing?

We’re into the full swing of the “lockdown” or as I prefer to call it “housebound”, and it’s the perfect time to prioritise your wellness. For most of us, there is no excuse for not having time. But where to start?


I love this quote (which I also posted on my Facebook group – Healthy Habits)

`’When it feels like everything is out of control in the world, disconnect from world news and tend to your mental state. Do something that is in your control…”

Whether you’re working from home or simply housebound, create some routine  for yourself and your family. It’s important to get up and going (at least Monday to Friday). Make a list of things you would like to do or that need attention.

My husband and I had put off cleaning out our garage and giving it a fresh coat of paint. I’m pleased to say that we have finally ticked that off our “to do” list. It was a tedious task to get going, but the garage looks great and we got a workout at the same time 🙂

Another item on my “to do” list is getting creative in the kitchen. I’ve already baked some quick and easy tuna and sweetcorn egg muffins and made some beetroot hummus. Why not go through your recipe files and cookbooks and get adventurous. But try to use what you already have in the grocery cupboards so as to avoid an unnecessary trip to the shops. Stuck for inspiration? Check out my recipes for success for some healthy and delicious options.

Physical activity

Keep moving! Whether it be housework, chasing the dog around the garden/house, gardening, “dancing like no one i watching” around the lounge. Why not get out the old workout DVD or find a Youtube workout to follow.

“Nothing causes more damage to the body than long physical inactivity”.


This for me can be the most challenging when housebound. This is when we tend to eat emotionally (boredom etc.) rather than listening to our physical hunger signals.

Try to recognise whether you are physically hungry or emotionally hungry.

Physical hunger 

– comes on gradually & can be postponed

– can usually be satisfied with any food type

– once you’re full you can stop eating

– causes satisfaction, doesn’t cause guilt

Emotional Hunger

– comes on suddenly and feels urgent

– causes specific cravings such as pizza, chocolate, chips, ice-cream…

– eat more than you normally would. Feel uncomfortably full.

– leaves you feeling guilty and cross with yourself.

Let’s embrace what we are able to do in these trying times and be grateful for family and the roof over our heads.

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Be safe and healthy

Yours in good health

Fiona/ Into Nutrition