It feels surreal that we have been in lockdown for over 2 months. The days have ticked over one into the next and this has become our lockdown life. Some of us may even have lost track of what day of the week it is. For me, It often feels like groundhog day. But… as we move into level 3, there is some optimism for some “normality” back in our daily lives.

Lockdown has had both its pro’s and con’s. It’s likely made many of us lethargic, frustrated, anxious, feeling low etc. On the up side, we may have learned more tolerance, appreciation for our blessings (regardless how small). We may even have learned new skills or discovered things about ourselves.

It’s easy to get comfortable in your rut and let things fall by the wayside. How many of us use the infamous “I’ll start next week”? Getting going and motivated, may be a bit of a challnge at first.

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and expecting different results”

There’s no better time than NOW to start and continue practicing healthy habits.

Why not start with these 10 Health commandments:

  1. Spirituality – love is the supreme ethic we should adhere to
  2. Diet – unprocessed wholefood in the right proportion plus hydration
  3. Rest & sleep – Aim for 7 to 8 hours’ quality sleep each night
  4. Avoid toxins – eliminate all forms of toxicity
  5. Movement & air – stay active and move as much as possible (including outdoors)
  6. Elimination – make sure your plumbing system is working well
  7. Manage stress – address all forms of stress
  8. Electromagnetic fields – avoid electromagnetic smog
  9. Recreation & pleasure – laughter and sunshine is the best medicine
  10. Wise supplementation – use wholefood supplements to prevent illness

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Let’s do this!

Yours in good health