Christmas is upon us. What are your festive plans?

Entertaining family and friends can be exhausting and challenging. And if you’re trying to practice healthy eating habits, having healthy festive food options can sometimes seem even more of a challenge. In light of the above, I thought I’d end off the year by sharing with you some of my fail-proof, healthy, crowd-pleasing festive dishes.


*Get creative using the festive season coloursI 



You can use any combination of healthy fresh foods to make a quick, colourful, nutritious continental style breakfast such as:

• Slices of lean ham, sliced tomatoes with sliced apple or pear, with  cashews or almonds and some cherries.

• Kiwi with slices of cheddar or swiss cheese, pecans, cherry tomatoes and apricots

• Blueberries or strawberries, pumpkin seeds, macadamia nuts, sliced cucumber and pear.

• Slices of lean ham, oatcakes lightly spread with cream cheese,  sliced tomatoes and fresh plums

•Slices of watermelon with slices of swiss cheese, apple and some cashews or almonds


Side dishes:


Mains – Tips:

  • Avoid filling up on protein and starch. Rather indulge in more veg.                                                                                      *Butternut and new potatoes are healthier options of starchy veg.
  • Try cold side dishes. It’s less time spent cooking.
  • Try making your own sauces or bastings.                                                                                                                                 *Rooibos tea makes for a good maranade base
  • Avoid too much fat and skin from animal proteins



No bake chocolate tart –…

Chocolate mousse –…

Chocolate brownies  –…

I hope this inspires you, fills bellies in a healthier way and becomes worthy of a topic of conversation around your Christmas table.

A reminder: Everything in moderation.


Wishing you and yours a Happy and Healthy Festive Season.