Happy Valentine’s Day!

February is the month of love and this is a reminder to love yourself. Self care and self love are so important. It’s harder to love and look after others if you don’t love and look after yourself.

Need a “recipe” to live a healthy lifestyle?

Eat well

Eat real, whole foods

Think the rainbow

Choose high quality lean proteins

Buy chemical-free foods



Choose a physical activity you’ll enjoy
Schedule  your exercise in


7 to 8 hours/night


Think Positive

Start the day with positive thought

Focus on your blessings

End the day with a positive thought

Give more
Verbalise thankfulness

Give back/ pay it forward


Embrace supportive relationships

Wean unhealthy/toxic relationships

Need help getting started? I’d LOVE to help

“A healthy outside starts on the inside”

Yours in good health and sending lots of love

Fiona/ Into Nutrition