Shopping and eating local and seasonal is a top food and nutrition trend for 2023

An easy clue to know what’s in season is the price. If the price of your favourite fruit/vegetable seems expensive, one of the reasons could be that it’s no longer in season and/or it has likely been imported.  Buying seasonal will help keep the costs down and encourages supporting local produce suppliers.

3 great reasons to eat seasonally…….

  1. Abundance – in season produce costs much less, is more readily available, and not flown from halfway across the world.
  2. Tastes better –  produce is ripened naturally by weather conditions most suited and not refrigerated for extended periods of time. *During transportation and storage, some foods loose nutrients.
  3. Variety – different vegetables are available throughout the year. Ideal for preventing monotony.

To get you started eating seasonally, here’s  the Autumn list of fruit and vegetables –…

You could also consider supporting the small local fruit and vegetable suppliers. There are a number of local fresh fruit and vegetable suppliers that sell direct from the farm and deliver direct to you! This will also guarantee you are buying seasonal produce. Ask in your community, social media or feel free to drop me an email or WhatsApp . I’ll be happy to help you out 😀

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“The joy of eating seasonally is the joy of fresh produce and fresh foods” – Anna Lappé

Yours in health food choices and wellbeing

Fiona/ Into Nutrition