Baby Marrow Pesto

One of my favourite must haves in my fridge is Pesto.
I’m loving making it and found this delicious baby marrow version.
I hope you’ll give it a try.
Baby Marrow Pesto
50g toasted almonds (or nuts of choice) – I used cashews
200g baby marrow, chopped
a handful of basil leaves
1 to 2 small grated garlic cloves
20g grated parmesan
30ml olive oil
1 lemon
Blitz toasted almonds in a food processor to create a coarse crumb.
Add chopped baby marrows, coriander, basil, garlic and parmesan, and blitz until
well combined. Add olive oil – blend in a thin stream while blitzing
to combine. Season and stir through lemon juice
Serve immediately or chill in the fridge for up to
2 weeks.
Makes about 1 cup