I’m Fiona Thornton, a nutrition and health coach.
I want to work with you to help you achieve your optimum health and lifestyle through better nutrition and coaching.
I have a diploma in Nutrition from the Blackford Centre for Nutrition (UK).

“Diets” are short-term solutions and short-term solutions result in short-term success. Having support and motivation on your journey to a healthier lifestyle can make all the difference.

Discover how easy it is to practice a healthy lifestyle.

I would love to help you.

“A healthy outside starts on the inside”

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Discover about healthy eating habits for weight loss & overall well being, in a way you can continue for the rest of your life …


Coaching is an important part of the sessions – helping you to overcome barriers and challenges and achieve your goals …


The sessions are one-on-one, offering personalized coaching and also ideal if you have any health concerns …


A once-off consultation is an insufficient time period. Short-term solutions equal short term results!
This is NOT a diet it’s …