Change the way you look at healthy eating. No food deprivation, no shakes, no pills. It’s not just about weight loss. Improve your energy levels, reduce your stress, combat digestive issues and much more…


Discover the result healthy eating habits can bring you as well as being able to maintain the results in the long run
It’s all about eating real food, keeping your blood sugar levels balanced and tweaking your existing dietary habits where necessary.


Consultations #1

Getting to know you – there is no one “diet” fits all.

We each have different needs, challenges and solutions.

Follow up consultation

A once-off consultation is insufficient – short-term solutions equal short-term results!

Additional consultations

The recommended number of sessions depends on your needs.

Numerous sessions allow you to put into practice new habits.

Sessions include:

  • Health, diet and lifestyle assessment
  • Food diary monitoring & recommendations
  • Coaching
  • Body composition (weigh-in)
  • Written communication after sessions


Coaching can help you to overcome any obstacles and challenges and to set and achieve your goals. It also helps reveal your eating, thinking and behaviour patterns. Areas of focus include good mood foods, food intolerance, emotional eating, mindfulness, stress management
The support of a coach makes this journey that much easier and keeps you inspired and motivated to make the necessary changes in your lifestyle.

One on One

The sessions are one-on-one, preferably in person however online sessions can be accommodated using FaceTime, Skype or WhatsApp video.

Initial consultation – R400